Tuesday, August 9, 2016
By Hannah

Live Scratch Free


                                                                 Tips for Scratch Free Lenses


Tip 1:  Choose a great Anti-Glare 

Choosing an anti-glare lens that is a better quality will absolutely prolong the life of your lens.  A Crizal Alize coating, for example, has easy cleaning technology, resistance to dirt/dust and great cleanability which in the long run, can prevent scratching.

Tip 2:  Know how to clean your lenses

Cleaning sprays and microfiber cloths are great and serve a wonderful purpose, but the best way to clean your glasses is extremely simple.  Soap and water.  Seriously!  No need to spend money on pre-moisened wipes from a big optical chain or CVS, when the safest thing for your lenses (and your frames) are every day household items.

Tip 3:  Use your case

We have a saying here at L’optique.  If they aren’t on your face, put them in the case.  We know that carrying a case around can be a bit of a hastle sometimes but utilizing your case is extremely important in extending the life of your lenses and frames.


Not only are glasses here to make you look great, but you’ve got to see out of them too.  ;)

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